Origins of Bog Beast

Today I am taking another peek into Star & Bark. Following on from Origins of The Bubble Sea, I have a little yarn to weave, about the inspiration for Bog Beast. Another favourite of mine, it is based in a real place, nestled deep in the west of Wales. And it was on a family holiday, 8 years ago, that I first visited…

Tucked into the rolling landscape of Pembrokeshire, this iron age village – of the Demetae tribe – offered visitor’s facilities at the base. While alongside us, the river Nevern babbled. Trees shrouded the hilltop from view, so it was only by following the slowly winding path, that we could discover the settlement. Birds flew and sung above us. Woodland flowers and stones carved with facts, sprawled along the path. Past the towering wicker man, we came at last to Castell Henllys.

We wandered around a circle of posts, towards the largest roundhouse. Wreaths decorated the entrance. Inside, beds made plump with blankets and straw, lay beneath a high ceiling. With the fire lit and stoked, it felt as though the occupants had just stepped out. Perhaps to forage for berries, fetch water or tend the animals.

Weaving, with stone weights dangling from it, and the comforting crackle of wood, drew me in. The light was softer inside, out of the harshness of a high, summer sun. Trunks laid with blankets invited you to sit. I gazed around the space… imagining what it would be like to call such a place home. Despite the realities of living so simply, I was enchanted by the place.

There was charm in the rhythms of their day, the seasonal foods and hand carved tools. Walking around the settlement and greeting the pigs, my imagination stirred. The melody of the river and stunning views began to take shape in my mind. In the weeks after our holiday, I wrote the story, to one day create a collection (or two).

To read Bog Beast (and others), Star & Bark  can be found on the Creations page. To view photos of Castell Henllys (and Wroxeter), read Ancient Abodes. You may also like Memory Stones and Sacred Spaces – featuring my visits to Pentre Ifan, Westkennet Longbarrow, Sidbury Hill, Stone Henge and Avebury.

Happy exploring šŸ™‚

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