Love Note – February

Not all wandering happens in fields. There are landscapes inward, that we walk with as much wonder, as when viewing the sky above us. Dancing, singing, laughing, sweating and drumming our practise - alone, with friends or strangers. Some people walk it, some find it wherever they sit, others cover great distances. It is all sacred.… Continue reading Love Note – February

Field Notes – January

Happy New Year! Going forward, life is all about nature and creativity. I'm spending my time writing, walking, drumming, reading, meditating, taking part in events and exploring new places. Here's a recent venture into the woods... I set out for a walk with family, in the grounds of Packwood House, Warwickshire. Restless and eager to… Continue reading Field Notes – January

Book Fayre – 17th November 2018

It’s FREE! There’s no admission fee for attending the KMC Book Fayre, but… PLEASE BOOK via the website to ensure your complimentary drink and a seat for the readings: Books: Great to read with coffee and cake! Often written by writers while sitting in coffee shops eating cake. […] via KMC Book Fayre – 1pm,… Continue reading Book Fayre – 17th November 2018

Summer Reads

I've been reading (and enjoying) Robert Lanza's, 'Biocentrism', David Bohm's, 'Wholeness and the Implicate Order' and Carlo Rovelli's 'Reality Is Not What It Seems - The Journey to Quantum Gravity'. Also listening to Bonobo. These books had fascinating insights that influenced new poetry I've written. Deepak Chopra's, "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind' (1993) is a fascinating… Continue reading Summer Reads