Field Note – March

I've been visiting other places with my notebook over the last month. Observing different sounds and watching fields of movement, instead of flowers. There's so much to see. All those tiny moments of life that have us slipping into reverie. Between drafting paragraphs for my current project, odd moments slip between what I'm doing. A… Continue reading Field Note – March

Love Note – February

Not all wandering happens in fields. There are landscapes inward, that we walk with as much wonder, as when viewing the sky above us. Dancing, singing, laughing, sweating and drumming our practise - alone, with friends or strangers. Some people walk it, some find it wherever they sit, others cover great distances. It is all sacred.… Continue reading Love Note – February

Summer Reads

I've been reading (and enjoying) Robert Lanza's, 'Biocentrism', David Bohm's, 'Wholeness and the Implicate Order' and Carlo Rovelli's 'Reality Is Not What It Seems - The Journey to Quantum Gravity'. Also listening to Bonobo. These books had fascinating insights that influenced new poetry I've written. Deepak Chopra's, "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind' (1993) is a fascinating… Continue reading Summer Reads

Writing: The Process

I met with author ES Moxon recently, to talk about the process of writing Sky Drum... 1. What was the initial inspiration for your current book/series? A thunderstorm several years ago reminded me of recurring childhood dreams. I've always been fascinated in nature and the cosmos. I began thinking about people interacting and working with them directly.… Continue reading Writing: The Process