Origins of the Bubble Sea

It has been delightful over the last year, to receive messages – even photos! – of Star & Bark, acccompanied by beaming faces. I am so happy that these stories – some of which were written almost 20 years ago – are where they belong. In the hands and imaginations of readers of all ages.

I thought I would share the inspiration for some of them – the story of how the stories came to be. I am beginning with one of my favourites – The Incredibly Cuddly Bubble Sea, which took shape over a decade ago. I read about the foam discovered at the outer edge of the solar system. It’s purpose appeared to be a protective buffer, to anything entering our system, from deep space. There was speculation it may draw things in, due to the magnetic element in its composition.

A sea of bubbles at the edge of our solar system became the destination for an idea I had, where imaginations travel on big ships while children sleep. Magnetic elements tend to jiggle up close, so that became the personality for the bubbles. Their destination decided, I crafted the story and told it once or twice to my (then) littleuns. As I collated the stories, my love of colouring made the decision to leave space for doodles – a storybook that the reader could illustrate themselves.

The book was delayed by forces beyond my control, though when it did emerge, I was so excited to finally share them! And that is how The Incredibly Cuddly Bubble Sea came to be. Scientific discovery and dreams of play… a rhyming lullaby to whisper in half light, from the cosy cocoon of warm blankets and soft pillows.

To read this story (and others), you can find details of Star & Bark on the Creations page. Have a great week!

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