Launching Creative Cardio – FREE Journal

Today I’m launching CREATIVE CARDIO – a journal of tiny actions. This FREE download supports creative action in daily life. Taking you – in tiny steps – towards your dreams. The small journal has five parts, including a list of creative actions, a creativity tracker and space for your imagination and inspiration.

I have been writing for over 30 years, though only in recent months, have I shifted into doing so, full-time. Making space for blocks of writing, on evenings and weekends, has been a common practise. However, in more challenging seasons of life, I’ve taken whatever minutes I can grab, between other commitments, to continue doing what I love.

This journal is a small tool, based on that practise. Whether it is music, painting, design, whatever your craft, this little journal reinforces a healthy mindset, that small efforts DO add up. It is easy when working in tiny increments, to feel that progress or effort is lacking. This tool enables you to see a more accurate picture of how much you are actually doing, across the days, weeks and months. It supports motivation and momentum.

This short journal can be slipped into a work or weekend bag, scribbled in during a tea or lunch break. You can set it down somewhere accessible at home, to fill in piecemeal. Use the tracker to see your efforts building up across the weeks. Fill in, complete, print and repeat! Better yet, fill it in digitally and re-save for that month, then do so again, to see your progress throughout a season or an entire year.

It meets you where you are right now, enabling small efforts to accumulate towards your creative goals. It can be used as a supplement to projects, assignments or as a brainstorming tool. Download it FREE on the Creations page today!


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