Know Your Tribes

It’s become – rather wonderfully – a common thing to share and celebrate the lands on which we live. To name the people that came before; the original dwellers of our patch. I found some fun facts, about the soil in which I’m rooted.

Originally inhabited by the Dobunni tribe (a group of early Britons), Roman occupation followed around the time of Emperor Hadrian (117-138). The Anglo-Saxons created the kingdom of the Hwicce, in 577. Continental Celts passed through – nomadically – as it was fertile and temperate hunting ground. Eventually it became part of Mercia, then in modern times, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and parts of the Midlands and Warwickshire.

In years past, I explored this island’s history. Here are some of the books I read:

Seahenge: A Quest for Life and Death in Bronze Age Britain – Francis Pryor

A Brief History of the Anglo Saxons – Geoffrey Hindley

Ancestral Journeys: The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings – Jean Manco

Blood of the Celts: The New Ancestral Story – Jean Manco

Flag Fen: The Life and Death of a Prehistoric Landscape – Francis Pryor

A Brief History of the Vikings – Jonathan Clements

I love the woods and beaches. The winds are not as fierce as some countries face, though they are diverse… Polar air from the north and continental air from the east. Tropical air from the south and Maritime air from the west. It’s often warm, cold, dry, wet, foggy and clear in the same week and I like the diversity of light in that, it’s inspiring for writing. It makes us champions at eating an icecream or bag of chips, before we end up wearing (or losing) them, to a sudden gust!

I recently gathered all my creations onto one page, where you can read a little of what inspires me and download freebies. A quick thanks and hello to new visitors that downloaded short story Tree and Bee, or the journal of growth Optimal. I hope that you enjoy and find them helpful. What aspects of the lands you are connected to, inspire you?

Happy wandering 🙂

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