Parts of the Whole

I was part of a conversation recently, about living while experiencing genuine feelings of harmony and joy, at the same time dealing with anger and sadness about world events. How to be actively involved in change and yet not feel overwhelmed by emotions. Creating a container for both the actions and feelings, I have found, effectively maintains health and momentum. To enjoy life and still be contributing towards the betterment of it, for all living things. Deciding upon a few actions to be the ‘container’ for our actions and feelings, so that we weather the disruption better.

Kindness, peace, harmony, joy all stem from that connection with life, that seeks to include all and harm none. It is where solutions can be found and considerate thought, action and word are born. Anger motivates, though causes damage in the form of stress and ill health over time. Body and mind need rest and harmony, to function well. Commitment towards a container for action and feelings, calms the friction and exhaustion caused by oscillating between them.

There is unfolding going on all the time. As people and systems move into more inclusive, fair and compassionate functions and expressions, what went before remains part of it. All of life interconnects. People speak of higher expression or moving into a higher dimension of being. Even then, all the other dimensions exist within one another. When leaves fall from a tree and land on the ground, they make that ground more fertile. Not only for the roots of that tree, but other life around it. Systems can function more effectively, people can improve co-operation, though the flow of these actions moves through all parts of the whole.


Create art to inspire new ways of being or thinking, raise money with events.

Gather food, clothing, signatures for a petition or letters to MPs.

Use your vote and consumption, to support what is fair, inclusive and respects the diversity of all life.


Movement, such as walking, tai chi, qi gong, yoga, pilates, or dance, to calm the body and release emotion.

Expressing in written or spoken form, be it poetry, short story, journalling, list-making, wish-making, intentions you chant, affirmations, songs, prayers. Playing a musical instrument for example.

Meditative actions, be it silence, stillness, breathwork, time spent with a soothing hobby such as painting or gardening.

We each have our rhythms and seasons. It is all transformation. It is all contribution. Decide upon the practises that honour your desire to support change and express emotions, in a way that protects the wellbeing of yourself and others. Let each have its container, so that outside of them, you can live more harmoniously. Transformation comes in many forms. When we connect with its flow, we experience ourselves as parts of the whole.

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