People often look outward instead of inward. It is pointless to want all of humanity to make all the same choices, have all the same beliefs. Apart from the obvious (never gonna happen), it would create weakness and make us more vulnerable to extinction than we already are. We thrive and continue, because of our … Continue reading Together


Many inspiring things are happening in the world. I enjoy being informed and inspired. Positive News is a current affairs magazine, led by Sean Dagan-Wood. I followed its stories for a while and became a community co-owner. Each issue covers a multitude of topics; delivering constructive and diverse news on many subjects. It is refreshing to … Continue reading Positive


Here is another extract... "The air we breathe, the ground beneath, the water that surrounds touches all. Awoken by sunlight, we grow together. From mineral or mountain, leaf or bud. Formed in veins, stretching in strata. Wherever we go is home - in our bones. Life bends, bows, decays and grows. Of blood, star, marrow … Continue reading Home