Field Note 2

Whispers of now and future to encourage dreaming & wandering...

Through waters we dived… within our minds. Moving our bodies in hot winds to thick beats. As brainwaves slowed at the spin of our limbs, hair danced wild under starry skies. We turned as light touching sun dials. Saturating ourselves in the endless unfolding of NOW.

We drew in deep soil and soft sand, with our heels and our hands… thought, actions, feeling and language aligned with the present, as planets of our being. We knew peace within it. Time wrapped around us, a cocoon of petals opening to reveal the lines, points, scars and designs of our heart and deepest longing.

Intuition burst as every flavour and scent we remembered. Subconscious sung out, as carvings in stone, colours on canvas, letters on pages and in the pulse of dreams. In every face, eyes reflecting back time, opening doorways to more signs. All we forgot, in a moment, recovered.

Unconscious ‘doing’ dissolved around us, saltwater bathing us clean in river dips and languid laps, as we rushed into the foam on damp sand, laughing in the hush of early mornings. Active ‘being’ arose like stems, patterning our legs and giving us strength, to wander pathways of wisdom, push our barefeet between the veins of the forest and follow. Into endless now.


These field notes touch upon points in the present and the possibility they invite for the future. Abstract writing helps loosen patterns of thought, that we become entrenched in. Layered meaning and dreamlike imagery invites contemplation. As an exercise, it encourages creative flow, mindfulness and relaxation.

Copyright © Louise Ann Knight 20 April 2023

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