Within a person, or character in a story, there are fluid and fixed points. I’ve been playing with these recently, as I write book 2 in my fantasy series. The original idea for the series and the plot for each book, formed in the early 2000’s. Years of worldbuilding commenced, as I drafted the debut novel around other commitments. Revisiting these notes and incorporating new ideas, is an opportunity for transformation.

Some of the hardest parts of identity to accept, in life, are the fixed points. And yet, they often provide the best opportunities for change in our lives. In the case of writing, it can enable sending a character in a different direction or to interact with characters they would not have originally met. Are you juggling a plot twist (in writing or life) of your own right now?

There may be new family members to accommodate, a health condition or change of dwelling. There is a lot more that is fluid in life, than there is fixed, though even that can fluctuate. I’m craving more simplicity to support being more creative and active, so am navigating life a little differently. How about you?

I’ve been redefining an older, smaller project, by altering its time and location. Completed works appear fixed, at first glance, though it is exciting to play with them. Preserving a story by letting it blossom in a new environment, reveals new aspects of the characters. Points that were once fixed, become fluid, opening new pathways for characters (and readers) to explore.

I always have a main project that is my primary focus. Alongside that, I keep clear of writer’s block by tilting to a secondary project. It is often another novel in the final edit stage, or an older project that is complete and I have decided to transform into something else. This can work in life too. I am expanding my exercise per week, regulating it as best as I can, with consistent effort and more time devoted to it. I am also learning to play RAV drum, and allowing that to be an entirely fluid activity, based on expression and play. With what things in life do you / can you do this?

Curiosity is a fun catalyst though we’re all perhaps dealing with more changes via necessity at the moment. Navigating a new town or job, learning to eat differently or juggling new practises. I believe 2023 is inviting us to show off our innovation and flexibility skills! Fixed points are tough, though they enable us to express new or unused parts of our identity. To push out our edges, whisper Yes to unexpected opportunities (that surprise and delight us or arrive disguised as a problem).

The fixed points – our limitations, challenges, the conditions or our lives, inform certain things. Though also, they are just one page in a whole story. Humanity is an epic saga and we are all adding to its many twists and turns, with our actions. The fluid points are the changes in direction, the big leaps, unexpected events, tiny actions and spontaneity. With these constant shifts, our story expands and so do we.

Whatever plot twist you’re dancing to (or wrangling), enjoy the sunshine!

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