Set the Scene: Writer Carol Lovekin

Some uplifting reading for you today! Enjoy my interview with writer Carol Lovekin, author of two books (both published by Honno, the Welsh Women's Press). You can find Carol online, via her blogย and on Twitter. What were your reasons for taking up swimming? Initially, & predictably, because I thought it would be good for me.… Continue reading Set the Scene: Writer Carol Lovekin


Kiss the Cosmos

Crack me open. I am made of you. This shell is misleading. So many thoughts, feelings and none of it are me. The yolk of my nature is exposed to the stars and relief is overwhelming. I am open to the silence of space and the stillness inside me. When did I forget they are… Continue reading Kiss the Cosmos

Go Lightly

Go quick, go lightly... to where the wind takes you and whispers beckon. Loud, soft, quiet, bright. Let it become part of you. ย Be in this world, be alive. Go quick, go lightly... you are here. Make the rest worth it. There are many of us. We need not place ourselves above, below, to one… Continue reading Go Lightly