Lullaby of Sky

Today I'm sharing with you the lullaby of sky, a poem that details the character's united journeys in my fantasy epic novel which launched this week.   Sky full of lullaby Answering heart’s call Shadows in the wake of light Journeying towards a fall . . . A million strings beating sparks Together moving to… Continue reading Lullaby of Sky


Kiss the Cosmos

Crack me open. I am made of you. This shell is misleading. So many thoughts, feelings and none of it are me. The yolk of my nature is exposed to the stars and relief is overwhelming. I am open to the silence of space and the stillness inside me. When did I forget they are… Continue reading Kiss the Cosmos

A part of me is Capri

A part of me is Capri. I left it between winding streets and walls laden with jasmine. Perhaps it was discovered by a local and tucked into a stone shrine as a token. In rare moments I unpack memories and imagine myself there... beside apricot trees bathed in sun and palms whose leaves brush my skin. I… Continue reading A part of me is Capri