Big Expanse (Into Nature)

I love wandering along a coastline, to bathe in the expanse... It is one of my favourite activities - whatever the weather - it always inspires... Wherever you're wandering and whatever you're creating... enjoy the expanse. Louise   All photos copyright © Louise Ann Knight


Following on from my previous post, Contribution, here are 8 ways to collaborate with others, within community: Do something calming or creative to manage stress (sing or meditate) Renew or learn new skills (such as first aid or preserving) Daily fitness to increase strength (like dancing or yoga) Cluster errands/task, where possible, to reduce consumption of … Continue reading Collaboration


Nature is threading change into our days, with the seasons. Here are some ways to adapt and improve upon current living situations: Growing, harvesting/preserving food Planting trees, particularly fruit-bearing Re-purposing items and waste where possible Adding feeders/water tables/shelter for wildlife Clearing gutters, drains and soak-aways regularly Collecting leaves and composting to improve soil quality Securing … Continue reading Contribution


Many inspiring things are happening in the world. I enjoy being informed and inspired. Positive News is a current affairs magazine, led by Sean Dagan-Wood. I followed its stories for a while and became a community co-owner. Each issue covers a multitude of topics; delivering constructive and diverse news on many subjects. It is refreshing to … Continue reading Positive


Here is another extract... "The air we breathe, the ground beneath, the water that surrounds touches all. Awoken by sunlight, we grow together. From mineral or mountain, leaf or bud. Formed in veins, stretching in strata. Wherever we go is home - in our bones. Life bends, bows, decays and grows. Of blood, star, marrow … Continue reading Home

Dig In

Welcome! Here is an extract that is part of a larger collection I'll be publishing in future... "Days spent in words and nature. Leaves unfurl, flowers bloom and pens die. Comes the morning and the sun. Words and weeds are dug. This is where magic happens. Plot twists, new shoots, wild green. Plant seeds and murmuring … Continue reading Dig In