What Happens Next?

Fantasy is a broad spectrum of wonders.ย As a story ends, I often find myself asking, "Then what?" I'm fascinated by the big TA-DAAA moment. A glimpse of what comes after. Theย sun rises, people gather, rebuilding awaits. I often linger there. It cannot be all rainbows and ribbons - a battle is won though struggles continue… Continue reading What Happens Next?


Winter Wisdom

A piece I've written of my maternal grandmother is featured in the winter issue of She Who Knows. It is an independent magazine based around the wisdom of the feminine. Helmed by Cheryl Tipple-Trepat and Isabella Lazlo, it is produced in Devon and ships worldwide. Each issue is packed with inspiring and empowering content by… Continue reading Winter Wisdom

Positively Newsworthy

So many inspiring things are happening around the world. As someone that used to avoid media because of its depressing slant, remaining informed was difficult. Now I enjoy not only being regularly informed but inspired. Positive News is a magazine format quarterly, founded in 1993 by Shauna Crockett-Burrows and now led by Sean Dagan-Wood. I've… Continue reading Positively Newsworthy

Go Lightly

Go quick, go lightly... to where the wind takes you and whispers beckon. Loud, soft, quiet, bright. Let it become part of you. ย Be in this world, be alive. Go quick, go lightly... you are here. Make the rest worth it. There are many of us. We need not place ourselves above, below, to one… Continue reading Go Lightly