Following on from my previous post, Contribution, here are some ways we can work with the changed climate and how doing that can positively impact society. Our history is littered with examples that support an adapting society. Community projects, small-scale agriculture, mend and make do, reducing consumption, sharing resources; to name a few. As we adapt,… Continue reading Collaboration

Memory Stones

In my third research post, here are some photos I took; exploring West Kennet longbarrow and Sidbury hill in Wiltshire and Pentre Ifan in Pembrokeshire. The deep blue of the sky on a clear day in Wales, is wonderful. The black mountain can be seen framed by the Pentre Ifan burial chamber. Buttercups and gorse… Continue reading Memory Stones


Nature is threading change into our days. Aligning with the changed climate presents challenges and can also be an invitation for resourcefulness and creativity. Location informs what steps need to be taken and setting one or two intentions draws focus. Where I live, damage is most likely from rainfall and wind, so I'm working on… Continue reading Contribution

Ancient Abodes

Here are some photos I took while exploring places that inspire storytelling; Castell Henllys Iron Age village in Pembrokeshire and Wroxeter Roman City, in Shropshire. From the fireside earthenware to the loom, these abodes highlight what was important to us then is still important now. The scale and layout give each place a different feel. Narrow… Continue reading Ancient Abodes