OPTIMAL Journal (free)

Support for personal growth and development. Part 1 enables the creation and reset of habits and systems. Part 2 supports study, with a plan for learning and part 3 helps deal with challenges ahead of time.

Prints on A4 at 44 pages.

Published April 2021.

“I’m really enjoying it! I’ve already got a new declutter bucket, have scheduled clearing out time on the calendar and made a list of places to go. The journal has actually helped me ‘do’ things, instead of just making lists that never get done. The journal breaks it down into little actions and the suggestions are invaluable – it inspires me to think how I can use each section in my life. So many free downloads are surface-level – this is honestly the first one that feels a companion for life, that I want to savour and work through. It’s deeper and lends itself to long-term use, in an achievable way. It makes me think, plan ahead and take action.” – Sal of The Ginger Feather