My writing is for creatives and seekers, for those who hear the call of the Earth. For anyone that craves a little joy and peace. I write stories, poems and guides on the themes of harmony, human potential and regeneration.

About Me

Growing up in a mixed heritage household, family, conversation and learning were sacred (and still are). I’ve worked and hold qualifications in business administration, health/safety, holistic therapy and meditation teaching. I’ve volunteered at a nursery school and as a community event organiser. I live with family, in a leafy spot of the West Midlands, UK. Being in nature, reading and writing are lifelong passions.

Let’s Begin

Whatever path we’re on, we can walk together. At heart, I’m a poetic idealist that loves  optimising daily living and taking inspiration from nature. If that’s something you’d like, subscribe to the blog for uplifting words 1-2 times a month. To explore the books I’ve written, visit the Books page or head over to Instagram and say hi 🙂


I am open to ideas on collaboration, with those that value creativity, equality and the planet. Email info@louiseannknight.com to discuss further (allow 2-3 days for reply).


Life is a gift – don’t eat it all at once!

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