Featured below are the books I’ve written and published. More coming in 2021!


Spirals Cover 12-2019

SPIRALS – a collection of 100 poems: Featuring science, love, nature, the abstract, sacred and sublime.

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SKY DRUM – novel: Journeys and friendships collide, in this tale of old promises  and new hope. Peace. Chaos. Potential. Cosmos. It will take them all to restore the Sky Drum.

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A few words on paper…

The service I use to publish enables me to produce books affordably (for readers and myself). The ink is chlorine-free, the paper stock is 90gsm acid-free and supplied by a Forest Stewardship Council-certified provider. It is a print-on-demand service, so only what is needed is printed. I’ve made other choices in alignment with this:

  • Create some digital only projects
  • Offer projects in formats other than print
  • Write shorter fiction novels (25k / 50 pages less)
  • Choose smallest print dimension available (the same as Spirals)
  • Include cream 30% recycled paper as part of fiction print options