Hidden Rooms – Hidcote

Here are some photos I have taken while exploring Hidcote Gardens. They invite wonder, delight the imagination and remind me of children’s story books, like Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies and Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden. I’ve stacked the photos – it’s less tidy though easier to see the details clearly.

The photos above reveal the grass path leading towards the pond, walking away from the house and a favourite bench, nestled against a tall hedge – perfect for secret conversations or some journalling.

Greenery is used to great effect, to create shaded tunnels that emerge into the light. The picture on the left reveals the stone walkway, that overlooks the terraced gardens and bridge. One of my favourite rooms with its sun dial. I love that each time I visit, there are alterations to the planting.

Tucked into the rocks near the bridge, a pale bellflower. Beyond the bridge, stone steps lead down to a wide grass walkway, surrounded either side by walls of hedge,, for promenading out of the sun.

These crescent shaped steps to the left, lead up into a grassy square; where a stone stage is the focal point. I love these narrow doorways cut out of the hedges. This tree on the right makes me think of children’s books about nature’s magic.

The woodsman’s hut out by the vegetable patches and this pretty bench, delicate as lace, sat beneath white wisteria, tucked on the side of a gravel path, leading from the Lotus pond and greenhouses.

I love this stone pillar and ornate cast iron gate, set between two rooms of circular grass border, with a brick paved path. Full of pale and dark purple and blue flowers, stood 3-4 feet tall it’s a stunning entrance and further on, the mural beneath the verandah – where potted flowers and seating offer reprieve from the heat.

I love the pink and green of these flowers and the rustic old barn, which is set near the greenhouses and leads to the vegetable patches and bee hives. It looks like the home of some wise elder, from a children’s book – don’t you think?

The sun dial from its circular space, with delicate yellow, orange and green borders and one of the gorgeous water lilies, bobbing in the sunshine on the rectangular pond, by the succulent greenhouse…

This gorgeous little getaway frames stone paths, along with its twin, leading down onto the grass walkway that takes you towards and away from the house. It’s idyllic – and no, that plastic water bottle is not mine!

The great Cedar has that, ‘standing in the presence of greatness’ sense about it. I stand beneath it, inhaling the scent of its long branches and listening. Beneath, Lunaria, glowing like coins in the sunshine (also known as honesty seeds).

Pretty blossom and a peek of the house, made of cotswold stone, from beneath the Cedar tree (above).

Purple wisteria – its curving branches make it an ideal spot for small birds (we saw many) and maybe some fairies (we saw none) to play. Also this stunning bloom, almost the size of my head.

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour. There is a lot more to these gardens and it is worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Gloucestershire, England. Garden, fairy, cottage core fans alike, will enjoy exploring this enchanting place.


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