Origins of Moonbright

Today I take a third and final peek into Star & Bark. Following on from Origins of The Bubble Sea and Bog Beast, this tale is rooted in another world, from Sky Drum. A journey through the forest leads Nula to curious places and new friends…

When first creating the fantasy series, in 2007, I remembered a story I had written as a teenager. On the otherworld, one of the people’s traditions were for children to go on a journey, aged 10-11. With a little adjustment, the story of Nula in the forest was a great fit. Ultimately, the village did not feature in the first novel of the series. I held onto the idea, determined to find a place for it.

The dreamy landscape and her brave adventure meant a lot to me. I had included folklore in my worldbuilding, along with poetry and song. This inspired me to place her story briefly, in Sky Drum, recounted from one character to another. Though I was glad to include Nula, there was not room for all the details of her journey.

It was more than a decade later, that I unearthed her story and found a home for it in Star & Bark – over 20 years since I first wrote it. With elements of my own childhood fascination and dreams, gathered into a quest, the story features a love of forests, moongazing and an underwater crystal cave.

Story is powerful because, like song, it takes on meaning for each of us. To me, this story is a little twinkling star, reminding me that dreams are patient… and find their way. What are some of the images and elements of nature, that fascinated you in childhood (and still do?).

To read Moonbright in Star & Bark – visit the Creations page and purchase your copy – you can create your own illustrations on the pages, alongside all 8 soothing stories.

Follow your dreaming 🙂

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