Field Note 1

Whispers of now and future to encourage dreaming & wandering...

Through corridors we staggered. Clutter-drunk and time-gasping, we clambered towards a window; noses pressed at the glass. We saw trees, abundance and longed to be. We left the house barefoot and locked the door, without a word.

We loved and built dreams and all that came before, slowly turned to dust. The wind made wild our hair. The sun darkened our cheeks. We went without things and forgot their names. We shared what remained. And though it still wasn’t perfect, it was cherished.

Through forests of wonder, we stumble. Air-drunk and laughing. We live more now, breathe life into new stories, words and songs. We are become seaglass. Once adrift, now ashore – remade, shining, reformed.


Copyright © Louise Ann Knight 24 February 2023

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