Tree & Bee Launches Today!

A little tale spun across 2 pages (with room to doodle). Tree & Bee is a short story about two friends, pondering the mystery of time.

The story came about when I was using silly ways to welcome the morning, afternoon and night – when my children were a lot smaller. I wanted to make use of these funny greetings in a story, as I enjoy using them still. A sunny walk recently, amongst the trees, inspired the little tale of time.

Available to print in colour (or black and white), Tree & Bee can be used for nap and storytimes… for homeschooling or classrooms… playdates and sleepovers. Sketch patterns along the edges, draw some friends for Tree and Bee to play or picnic with. Write a letter on the back and send to a friend. Read to someone on a video call while away from home or just before the lights go out for bed.

Download this short story – FREE – on the Creations page.

Happy doodling!


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