New Paths

I love both sides of January – a fresh start and the energy of Winter lingering. It gives space around new beginnings and existing commitments. What are you looking forward to? I’m going to enjoy meeting up with people, creating some new things and exploring nature.

We’re all navigating change and as we do, it can be helpful to walk new paths. A great way to expand the flush of new is to explore activities and places that differ to our usual routine. Do you love Shrove Tuesday Pancakes or impromptu Karaoke sessions? Why not schedule some into the weeks ahead? Try a craft or sport that you’ve been meaning to have a go at. It may not work out as you hope, though there will be some interesting stories or funny memories from it.

There are many online resources, courses and workshops, that you can enjoy alone or with a friend. Offline, there are libraries, community centres and family that can offer classes or lend books, films or games. Maps and apps can reveal places locally or further afield, to wander. There may be woods, rivers, parks, nature reserves, lakes, canals or beaches, via car sharing or public transport, tucked away in nearby corners or neighbouring towns/cities.

Nature always contains both… society is the same. There are challenges near and far, though also great people doing amazing things. There is opportunity for generosity and learning skills or returning to old favourites. Tinned meals or Dinner Roulette as I call it, evokes strong memories from childhood (baked beans on toast followed by tinned pears!).

Power-free fun by daylight such as planting, dancing, playing instruments, exercise, reading, games or outdoor cooking. For low-powered evenings, cards by candlelight, no bake chocolate cake and torchlight shows on the ceiling, to music. Treasure hunts for toys or treats, with bright torches, in the (near) dark is fun for all ages.

My daily routine changed dramatically in recent months, as home education came to its natural end. There are continuing garden and DIY projects that need attention, so I’m devoting more time to those. What about you?

I’d like to thank those that bought copies of my books in the last year – I hope you enjoyed them! I’ve a nonfiction book and some tiny projects to share, this year, and am returning to regular posting. Whatever you’re up to this month, have a great time exploring some new paths in 2023 🙂

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