Creativity Response

I make a point to check in with global news briefly once or twice a month. I then often step away and go clean or write something. Creativity is a wonderful response to stress and a great source of solace. We carry on, we keep on and yet in amongst that, we can also still be learning, having deep conversations, reaching new places in our exercise and health practises, discovering new places on walks.

We can still lean into new experiences and create, while around us events may be chaotic. The urge to build, to make or start a thing that leads from an idea into a something. It’s amazing how we do that. So after checking in on the news recently, I set the moka on the hob, went about the ritual of filling it with water and coffee, then sunk my hands into soapy water and wiped down my kitchen counters.

Because some days, you feel all you can do is make coffee, throw open the windows then go clean something. Whatever conflict and divisiveness is showing up in our world today and playing out… there are times where (as much as we’d like) conflict resolution seems to dance out of reach. Our creative response rises in us. This fascinates me and it’s a healthy response – reach out to someone with a text, clean something or paint the shed. Tapping into your creative response will help. Build or bake, whatever it is, I’m sure it will take your feelings someplace new or better, even if it is a temporary creation (is anything really permanent?).

None of us are handed the same palette to paint with – we’re all dealing with various challenges and doing what we can. There are so many wonders in us all… whether it’s making someone smile, busking on the street, penning your magnum opus or planting something. There is creativity running through you… and the world needs it. We need you – all that amazingness in the world. Whether it’s scribbling the opening scene of the next big film franchise on a napkin, planting vegetables, taking a language class or strumming a few bars of a soon-to-be stadium-shaker.

Follow that magic, chase it… run with it. We need the rousing poetry, feel-good clothing, hilarious stand-up, boldly painted houses, delicate windchimes, fresh laundry and sublime paintings. All the things that make us feel good. All the moments of thoughtfulness and creation build calm, joy, peace, passion and wonder into our lives. The things we murmur thanks for, at the end of a long day. The albums that spin into a lowlit room and unwind our minds.

Because it is always both. There is anxiety and uncertainty, there can be horror and shock. Though always in the world unfolding in the same moment, there is beauty and heartfelt confessions of love, there are tear-stained cheeks and baby’s gurgling laughter. There are shared smiles across a room with someone, there are warm breezes moving through trees, making song with the lush sound of waves on a coast.

For me, today, there is sunlight streaming in through the window. On this little spot on Earth I am occupying, there is murmuring aloud, as I decide which sentence sounds better on page 54. There is bubbling excitement to share this book and the contentment of soapy-scented surfaces. The ‘blinking in the sunshine bliss’ of my dogs, as I sneak a cuddle. For songs, new and familiar to me; making the day bouncy and funky and headbangy in all the good ways.

For all of it – humble, simple, gorgeous and precious – as it all is. Some days we do more and others less and that’s cool. Here comes the sun… it’s still here, we’re all here… hopefully for a really long time yet. So much possibility. Listen to the whispers of that creative response, because life is what you make it. In every moment.

What are you making? I can’t wait 😀


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