Hello 2022

The light is returning, in more ways than one. The brightness is almost startling, even on days where cloud seeps into every corner and inch of the sky, draping itself around me on walks. The bracing elements make January feel stark and bare. There is something raw about how Winter advances into a new year. Time spent in meditation has brought some things into the cold air; soothing them.

I’m fascinated by the bluntness and beauty of January, each time it unfolds. Memories are a flicker pad of life – moments of laughter and absurdity, hugs and chats. Each time I look up from the page and beyond, I find the world changed. The pace of life right now, is dizzying. Much change, much-needed change and ‘not happening quickly enough’ change… it will take us all somewhere new.

My plans are modest by most standards – exploring forests, castles and ruins, the odd treat of divine smelling soap or book. I’m expanding my mentor and coach studies and launching a nonfiction book. I’m also working on a novel, that has been patiently waiting. It’s vulnerable and funny and it feels like an old friend I want to spend all my time with. There are garden and decorating plans that have been simplified, so that they can be completed more easily.

Talks with family have centred, as they often do in January, around intentions for the months ahead. I’ve chosen ‘little and often’ in order to remain agile around the unexpected and continuing fatigue and overwhelm, that current events impress on us. Regular walks, stretches, cleaner eating and enough sleep feel revolutionary, in how much energy they lend to creativity and wellbeing. How about you?

Sometimes, it helps to make the rhythm and mindset itself be the goal, until it’s more firmly established. Creating the structure and practising that in the short-term, with reminders, tools and an environment set up to support it. Assigning space on weekends or evenings around the things that would be obstacles – because up until 3am finishing a really good book happens – though cannot be the norm.

I’ve set up the 2022 diary with prompts, so that what is most important is dealt with – allowing for flexibility and disruption – making goals resilient. Reminders are written more often than needed; something required monthly is marked weekly, for example; as energy levels fluctuate. This ensures that the important, fun, healthy, necessary and dreamy things are all embraced. The pressure is diminished and more is done, because I’m relaxed in the doing of it all.

Wherever your dreams and adventure are calling, I hope you find your way… and have fun as you go.


All photos copyright © Louise Ann Knight

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