Hedges, Books & Berries

I enjoy the fresh air and quiet of gardening, before the rhythm of breakfast, chores and home educating begins. Collecting plants and bulbs, I settle in hebes, including an Andromeda Blue Ice. Then some box hedge, daffodils and tulips. Over the years, I’ve planted flowering evergreens, perennials and trees. I love planting varieties of lavenders, fuschias, hebes, heathers, euonymus, rhodedendrons and magnolias, around established honeysuckle, lilacs, lonicera and buddleias.

After planting, I wander to inspect what is growing in the hedge, which is about 80 years old. While outside, I’m joined by a curious young robin, so I remain still and whisper a while. I love these interactions. As the weeks of the year dwindle, I’m focussing on this one area. I rewilded the outdoor spaces in 2020, pruning this year to let in more light and leaving some parts untouched, for the benefit of wildlife. I’m now expanding borders so they cover a larger area.

The nonfiction book that I began writing Autumn 2019 is launching early next year. I’ve worked hard on it and am excited to soon share it! Star & Bark – the recently launched children’s book – can be viewed on the Writing page. However you spend the remainder of 2021… enjoy cosying up with kindred and welcoming in 2022 🙂

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