Launching STAR & BARK

Children’s collection STAR & BARK – Soothing Stories for All Ages is inspired by wildlife, science and history. The 8 timeless stories are available now! Doodling and colouring are so much fun. In recent years, their therapeutic and calming benefits have become widely known. Each book is a unique collaboration of the reader’s illustrations and my stories. Explore gardens and wildlife… journey to another world or the edge of the solar system. While aimed at young children, the book can be enjoyed by all ages in a group or therapeutic setting.

Journey across space in The Incredibly Cuddly Bubble Sea, learn what it is to be you in The Big Blue Butterfly, wander into ancient history on the search for a Bog Beast and travel to another world to discover Moonbright. Meet two unlikely friends in The Monk & The Mouse, learn where stars go in Star Boats, have fun in the garden with The Wondrously Magical Whizzas and lean closer to hear Earth’s Promise.

Read them aloud, whisper them at bedtime, tuck the book into a bag or down the side of your favourite chair. Sketch dreamy pencil drawings or colour bold and intricate patterns. Take turns filling in the book as a family or with a friend, gift to a loved one, draw along the edges or decorate with stickers. It’s up to you!

Colour and create with your imagination!

Share your illustrations on Instagram or Twitter – #starandbark

Out now in print HERE, visit the Author Page, your country’s Amazon page or other online stores. Please note that newly published works can take a few days to show up on international marketplaces and that this book is only available in print (as the intention is to draw and colour inside it). You can also view it (along with some freebies) on the Creations page!


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