Into the Garden…

Autumn has arrived – brisk, breezy and bright! I’m loving it. How about you? With cooler days, comes more energy. I’ve 2 projects set for launch in the coming months. Weeks flow in a fulfilling rhythm of work, studies, writing, gardening and hobbies. Rather than play catch-up, I’ve created simpler plans, that remain flexible and favour the longview considerably more.

This garden that I’ve puttered around in for almost 25 years now, was – when I first explored it – an ideal site for an independent horror movie. Crumbling stone wall and rockery, a narrow path with wild grass, thorny bushes and overhanging branches, revealed a glimpse of a withered tree; framing a rusty garage leaning in the gloom. Neglected for 2 years, the soil was rich with nutrients and the grass, once mown, was thick and soft underfoot.

Excitement and inspiration have led to bursts of planting, pruning, play and pondering, in that time. The patio has been re-slabbed, another built to extend it, a shed installed then a secondhand greenhouse and a gate fitted. I’ve always wanted to collaborate with the space, rather than impose upon it. When the pandemic began, rewilding allowed me to see the natural inclination of the space and how much wildlife would visit, with less disturbance.

In that time, wildflowers have grown and a wider range of birds and butterflies visit. The magpies and squirrels will linger, if we talk quietly and remain still, sharing a moment with us. We’ve watched neighbour’s cats and foxes mooch about the space, sometimes settling in a patch of long grass for a nap. I’ve released many books, keeping a handful to guide my fresh plan to remove much of the lawn (leaving a patch for apple windfall) and widening paths/borders. It’s a tremendous gift to have this space and I’m enjoying more time out there, now the Summer heat has waned.

The books that I’m referencing are Graham Burnett’s books on Permaculture, Monty Don’s, “Complete Gardener”, Martyn Cox’s, “Veg Grower’s Almanac” and John Harris’ with Jim Rickards, “Moon Gardening”. They’re part of my reading pile. I’ve been dipping into some Persephone books, and finishing books on health and home education. The pandemic impacted my ability to read heavily, though I’ve repaired it in recent months by increasing my reading time per day, incrementally. Also because I’ve released the last of the various hobby equipment, to focus on those I’ve always done and probably will always do…

… so aside from gardening, writing and reading, I’ve made new playlists for singing. I’ve been passed some oversized graphic tees so am looking forward to customising those. I’m taking pictures of progress in the garden and besides that, share photos of nature and anything else that inspires me, on Instagram.

Enjoy the season. As nature is settling down, there is a riot of wind and colour that invigorates the creative buzz! Have fun with all the hallowed festivities šŸ™‚

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