Keep Digging

I’m focussing on creative projects through Summer, so an older entry revisited… enjoy the rest of July and August 🙂

“Dig inside yourself. Inside there is a spring of goodness ready to gush at any moment, if you keep digging.” – Marcus Aurelius

There are those whose words echo, far beyond their lifetime. I return to such words, because of their beauty and how as humans, we vibrate a thread that connects us all. I re-read Marcus Aurelius Meditations last Summer. Each morning, savouring phrases that have my soul humming. I love that words written two millennia ago still have meaning and can be put into action. Thoughts and heartfelt words not only withstand time, they help us in times of challenge. I’ve found solace and inspiration in some of my favourite books, in the pandemic.

Many embrace other’s ethnicity, faith and orientation as part of what makes them a unique soul. Many respect and accept others. Science supports the majority in this attitude, for we are genetically all distant cousins. Humanity is a unity; even though we don’t always behave so. The regenerative process of nature is a great example of how we can evolve. It’s a theme that occurs often in my fiction writing.

There are choices, some abrupt and unwanted, that we can make; to live more with nature. Humanity’s wrongdoing spans all of our ancestry and in recent centuries, the planet too. This difficult theme recurs and each time we make progress. We acknowledge and embrace people, now more than ever. We know more about the destruction caused and solutions for it.

Modern society often ignores the need for stasis – a stillness before something new emerges. We have Winter each year to remind us. In all things, there is a pause, an exhale when something has been birthed and has its impact on the world. Wisdom follows this period of quiet, before change is felt. The pandemic enforced a stasis period. Some dived into things and others hibernated. Both bear fruit in moving forward – individually and collectively. I’ve done a little of both, writing and reading prolifically, diving into garden projects some weeks, then struggling through even a small amount of the same activities in other weeks.

Much of humanity has been digging inside itself, to that spring of goodness. Disruption of outdated systems and mindsets, has been occurring. Temerity and bravery have been witnessed. We can steer ourselves along a path that aligns with nature. These changes and challenges we’re living, will reveal us all in new ways. Our collective process – personally and creatively – will take the time it needs. I’m reminded to be patient… and keep digging.

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