Me to You

Today the journal is 5 years old! Thanks for reading & I hope you continue to enjoy it 🙂

Embedded in the days, there are moments that we can share with others, to help with the practical aspects of life. Optimal began as three separate items that I wrote to help me work through different challenges. They all speak to harmony in some way; streamlining to redesign home and work systems, a plan to tutor multiple subjects, when switching to home educating and an action list for the unexpected.

Creativity is located in the same part of the brain where we problem-solve. I believe it to be one of our greatest tools, in finding solutions to challenges. Building a resilient future that aligns with nature, requires not only the advancement of technology, but the evolution of humanity. We need to dig down – not just build up – with our imagination.

“The journal has helped me ‘do’ things, instead of just making lists that never get done… it inspires me… so many free downloads are surface-level, this is honestly the first that feels a companion for life. It’s deeper and lends itself to long-term use, in an achievable way. It makes me think, plan ahead and take action.” – Sal of The Ginger Feather

I read it recently and made a fresh list of tasks, which I’m working through at the moment. It is much easier to be creative when the flotsam and jetsom of life are cleared, by systems that support us. Optimising has helped me through exams, grief and parenting, to name a few. Small changes can yield encouraging results.

Prioritise and protect your dreams and needs – download Optimal for free HERE.


Photos copyright © Louise Ann Knight

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