Roaming (Into Nature)

Went wandering… and it was bliss. Sunshine greeted our party, as we visited an old favourite – Baddesley Clinton. Once home to four writers, it is the sort of setting in which you imagine inspiring great things. I’m light on words today, sharing the photos and leaving space for you to enjoy them…

I’ve begun with the lake because it was so beautiful – I could have set up camp.

Our walk began here, greeted by Canadian geese, before leading into the orchard.

Lilac wisteria – shaking in the breeze – as though laughing at a private joke.

Dappled light and roughened bark… yeah, we hugged some trees.

The moat, reflecting the sky back to us.

Wherever you are, wandering near or far to home (or pottering about as I am), have fun this weekend 🙂


All photos copyright Louise Ann Knight 2021

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