Mornadoodle* beautiful people. I’m writing in a brief flash of sunshine, while bursts of sheeting rain and rough winds, “shake the darling buds of May,” as Shakespeare wrote. Lately, I’ve been planting and writing scenes for my latest novel.

This week is ‘Mock Move’ – rummaging in a dozen areas around the home, that if I were moving, I’d sell or donate some of what’s there. I’m doing this to relinquish useful items that we no longer use – someone else will benefit from them and we can make better use of the space.

I’m happy to say the Optimal journal has already been downloaded by some people and I’ve had feedback that it’s helping them with one or more areas of life, so that’s exciting! You can find out more about it HERE.

Enjoy the season, whatever your plans!


*Mornadoodle – the AM equivalent to Afternoodle (used in the PM). Greetings I invented when the kids were younger that I’ve resurrected for whimsy – love a bit of whimsy 😉

All photos copyright © Louise Ann Knight

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