Afternoodle lovelies, how are you? I’ve had my head down writing or looking up, enjoying the blue sky. It’s gorgeous to hear birds chirping. Weather and lifting of restrictions this week, has meant sunshine and more time in the garden. The sweet scent of Spring is like catnip for inspiration.

I’ve been creating a download (available soon) and am currently writing a novel set in the mountains. Organising projects so that there is contrast from one to the next, supports my creative habit. How about you? And it’s almost April – this year has wings! Music, reading, purple biros, tea and family are keeping me rooted in the upbeat mostly.

Whatever you’re up to, hope you’re sharing the love with those near, dear and far flung. Today’s soundtrack – The Beatles’ Rubber Soul, Ruelle’s Earth Glow and Led Zeppelin’s Coda 🙂

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