Afternoodle lovelies, how are you? I’ve had my head down writing or looking up, enjoying the blue sky. It’s gorgeous to hear birds chirping. Weather and lifting of restrictions this week, has meant sunshine and more time in the garden. The sweet scent of Spring is like catnip for inspiration. I’ve been creating a download (available soon).

Organising projects so that there is contrast from one to the next, supports my creative habit. How about you? And it’s almost April – this year has wings! Music, reading, purple biros, tea and family are keeping me rooted in the upbeat mostly.

I’ve returned to meditation practises that are very simple, though always work. Sitting silently – even for a minute or two. I focus on what I love in others… kindness, humour, humility. I’ve been patting my heart with a soft hand, chanting I Love You’s and feeling a pain rise, as a pressure behind my ribs, that quickly ebbs. So much peace comes in letting go.

We are all in flow, with the world. Our minds, our hearts… honouring a rhythm that is changing in every moment though led by a deeper current, that trusts what is happening and embraces all that comes towards it. The circle in my hand that I draw on my palm, is a reminder of my circle of control. I can influence only so much and moving with the moments, open and willing to adapt, makes me feel responsive rather than reactive.

There are billions of expressions of love on this Earth – every one part of its spectrum. From lark to birch, dancer to rainbow, petal to sea breeze. Love is for all – so include yourself in the embrace. Whatever you’re up to, hope you’re sharing the love with those near, dear and far flung. 🙂


All photos copyright © Louise Ann Knight

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