Books I’m Reading in 2021

The books I’m excited to read this year – a few are re-reads – though most are new to me. I love to read for joy, personal growth, for the refuge it can provide and to better support those I love. This is what I’m looking forward to diving into…

I’m currently reading Jude Currivan’s The Cosmic Hologram which is fascinating. For my birthday, family are gifting me The Grand Biocentric Design, by Robert Lanza and Matej Pavšič – a follow-up to Biocentrism and Beyond Biocentrism – written by Lanza and Bob Berman – both of which I enjoyed.

Health, nature and creativity are at the forefront, mirrored in my chosen words for 2021; freedom and nourishment. In various ways, these books will assist me in that. I’ve set them up on a shelf as my very own bookstore (both as a gratitude practise and to deter book purchases for a while!).

I am very grateful to have access to books for reading and learning. I’ve set aside some I read last year to donate. I love that books go on a journey themselves, aside from taking each reader on one. I sometimes wonder who picks up the book next, if they laugh or are inspired to action by the same passages. Books are a wonderful way that humanity connects. Here’s to more reading! 🙂

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