First Steps

In recent weeks, the sentiment behind Buckminster Fuller’s quote on reality, has lingered in my mind. How can I create a new model of reality, in order to make the old model obsolete? There are ways the pandemic impacted daily life, that didn’t affect me, because I make different choices to many. Some of them relate to being privileged – in ways I did not earn – and others came through hard choices and work.

In all these ways; messy, simple, exciting and necessary, I’ve often danced on the fringes. I’m focussing my energy on what truly matters. There’s joy as well as sustenance in the basics of life – food, shelter, health, deep love and reverence for nature and others, for learning and creative expression.

Writing for me is another way to share love and peace – I’m not aiming for changing the world, Earth is in a constant state of change. Humanity changes too. It’s not about leaving behind a legacy – I’ll be forgotten as most people are – and I’m fine with that. Even those who became known for something remarkable, are lost to time. In Meditations, Marcus Aurelius cites more names of people forgotten within his lifetime – despite their wisdom – than those remembered.

In a future Earth, we may become so closely re-aligned to nature and its energies, the need for food as sustenance or the recording of so much with data or the written word is reduced – perhaps. There is infinite possiblity in how humanity will continue to unfold. Though right now, all can benefit from nourishment and freedom; practically and creatively. Which is why I’ll continue writing though also be doing more regards self-sufficiency, regenerative practises and reduced consumption.

Growing and cooking food, cleaning our bodies and our living spaces, deep rest and inspiration for the mind. All these things are wonderful movements of life, enfolding on themselves, unfolding into new expressions. Growth continues in its rhythms of blossom, decay, rest then renewal. All that is natural dances to the music of the planet. Freedom and nourishment as words for me this year, are direction and purpose. In the many small ways I can express and generate these things, that is the steps I am taking in the dance of life.

There are challenges and we stumble, though in our ways, we can keep dancing. We just need to take the first steps 🙂


All photos copyright © Louise Ann Knight

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