A Book of Green

Editing has begun! I’m still a few months from the release of my next book (a nonfiction project), though the excitement is tangible. A trusted writer is casting their eye over it, before I head into production. Elements for the cover are being gathered for the first look. It’s been a tough year for humanity, with incomprehensible loss. Like others, I’m creating something with love. Creation is magical stuff for dealing with challenging times.

Each subject I trained in, over the years has served in some way, planting seeds on the journey. I began writing something new last Autumn, sensing a complete picture; just out of reach. In recent months, regular effort has helped the picture to take shape. A lot has changed. Oddly, this book’s original theme and intention have remained constant. In that way, it’s been a sort of compass for me. I’m happy to be making it and that much closer to sharing it with you.

This book of green has nourishing hollows and uplifting vistas. It is calm and creative, practical and sacred. It is out in print and ebook format, Spring/Summer 2021 🙂

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