Oh Marcus…

Emporer Marcus Aurelius, of Rome. Writer and Stoic. The words he wrote two thousand years ago, have a wonderful way of opening doorways and sending refreshing breezes through places in my wanderings, that I love to venture. Below are 3 phrases from Meditations, that I’ve found myself returning to often, of late…

Keep looking straight ahead, to where nature is leading you – both universal nature, in what happens to you and your own nature, in what you must do for yourself.”

Marcus Aurelius

Imagine you were dead or had not lived until this moment. Now view the rest of your life as a bonus, and live it as nature directs.”

Marcus Aurelius

How can you secure an everlasting spring? By keeping yourself at all times intent on freedom – and staying kind, simple and decent.”

Marcus Aurelius

What quotes inspire you?


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