You Are Here

Going with the flow, being “in flow”. I love the tangible point that it places me in; a sense of where I am, like maps in market squares with an arrow – even as I’m swept along – not always sure of the destination. This also happens when I play. I improvised on an Alto Saxophone, for hours, as a teen. It was a way to deal with the bullying and bereavement that occurred in adolescence. As an adult, I switched to gardening. When I have ideas for adapting an area, I linger, listen and look at what is thriving, the direction things want to go and work around that.

Coppicing has revealed more sky and light; lifting the atmosphere of the spaces outside and the rooms indoors. Chairs invite reading or chats. I’m typing up the book I drafted this year, ready to edit. Home education continues, with gardening and chores peppering the days. I connect with family and friends regularly. There’s a quiet rhythm to the second half of the year, that I love to embrace. Always underneath, the soft presence of the season; loosening threads that unravel, so I can weave something inspired by the regeneration I see in nature.

World events are beyond my control. Like everyone, I’m finding them hard to deal with. I’m meditating more and sending care and food parcels. Whether you celebrate Halloween, Samhain or light candles for loved ones past (as I do), enjoy October. It’s message – to release what cannot continue and remember those not with us – is especially poignant. Despite all we’ve collectively faced, there are ideas we can bed into the soil of our psyche, ready for the sun’s warmth.

Autumn whispers – you are here – and I am so grateful that I am. So while I am, I’m going to make the most of it; embrace the flora, fauna and folk surrounding me. We still face challenges, though the more we are willing to release now, the greater our energy together, to rebuild come Spring. 🙂


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