Simple Acts of Nature

Nature offers inspiration to fortify, in readiness for the colder, darker months ahead. Below are 6 ways that nature inspires me to deepen my connection with it. These actions serve as an ongoing journey in lightening impact and increasing self-reliance. They have enabled me, even when experiencing ill health, a hectic month or stress, to make progress. They continue to nourish creativity, clarity and freedom.


  • Choose what is vital and focus there
  • Abandon/release unnecessary tasks/items
  • Adjust routines/systems for life now


  • Exercise daily for more minutes
  • Check finances and update fortnightly
  • Journal regularly to note patterns


  • Read to broaden and deepen perspective
  • Create a simple plan for long-term projects
  • Set short-term deadlines for decision-making


  • Clear spaces in garden for wildlife and growth
  • Meditate for more minutes each day
  • Enjoy regular activities with family/friends


  • Increase frequency of nutrition dense meals
  • Increase soil depth with garden waste/mulch
  • Allow more time daily for being in nature


  • Go to bed earlier twice a week for extra sleep
  • Allow more time for relaxing hobbies
  • Rotate deeper cleaning across year to lighten workload

A closed system is the key to nature’s wisdom. It guides us all in ways to reflect, renew, reset… and as Autumn deepens, make time for rest where you can 🙂


All photos copyright © Louise Ann Knight

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