Life in 3 Words

I have 3 words that I use as compass directions in life. In my thirties, I meditated a lot on impact and meaning. They’re worth investing time and energy into. I was raised with the perspective that both are lifelong pursuits. That meaning and impact is made and found, not in any one area or particular season of life; but across all of them and throughout your life. I decided to alleviate the overwhelm and turbulence of my thirties, by choosing 3 words. Broad, encompassing, inclusive words.

It took a while though 3 words emerged which gave enough clarity to be precise with bigger choices, though enough wiggle room for new experiences and the unexpected (because we cannot really plan life). These words were the seeds I could nurture over time. Words I could see had been humming in the background of my life, since childhood. My actions and choices often honoured their spirit. They were fulfilling and fortified me to face challenges.

What words I chose aren’t the point – I’m now in my forties – and still see them working day to day. Grounding them into daily living whilst handling them as sacred, required only one decision. To say yes when something clearly enabled one or more of them, which meant saying no to a lot of other things. The benefits have been:

– Sharpened focus; which by nature is most effective across 1-3 things

– Peacefully releasing what isn’t aligned, which creates more space

– Time management is far easier

– Anxiety and overwhelm are reduced

– More time for joyful activities (even in challenging times)

– Decision-making is faster and simpler

– Mental distraction is reduced, so interactions are more meaningful

If you embrace what inspires and fulfills you, let that expand in your life; what springs to mind? Curating your days around what matters most and what is necessary, can begin with 2-4 words. Play around and see where it takes you 🙂


All photos copyright © Louise Ann Knight

2 thoughts on “Life in 3 Words

  1. This is lovely 🙂 I started choosing 3 themes for each year instead of resolutions, and feel a pull to keep working with those themes into the future… What a wonderful thing, to have those words constant in your life. Something solid that has a real effect on choices. Very inspiring 🙂 x


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