Dance Your Tune

When our choices cause friction, it can be a useful growth experience. It can feel unpleasant, though that is temporary if we’re willing to look beyond it. I believe, based on experiences, the point is to examine ourselves not others. The deeper our own acceptance of self runs, the greater the scope for accepting others. I see that pressure as someone feeling out their own edges. I’m aware of it, because the friction was felt along my edges. Intentions often hold no malice; it’s simply awareness pointing in the wrong direction.

In chatting about the reasoning behind our choices, we can gain insight and explore parts of ourselves that may be itching to grow. It can make for fun conversation. Curiosity is cool. If you have any experiences that cause friction; it’s simply an indicator of discontent or denial of a part of the person asking, that they’ve yet to explore. Those happy with themselves and their choices, don’t require or desire others, to justify or validate them.

Living life your way is a great example to others and those that disagree, are given food for thought. It’s no excuse for cruelty – there is no excuse for that – though as we move through the friction, it’s a sign that change is happening. Living life the way you choose is the best way for us all to effect change and maintain diversity. There’s a note your soul hums, so feel the friction and dance to your tune regardless; because it’s beautiful… as are you 🙂


Photos copyright © Louise Ann Knight

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