Seeds & Scones

I found one of those wooden home decor boxes recently, in a room I’m currently sorting through. It’s made to look old, so fits with our simple, eclectic style. It has been home to napkins, Pirate Things (as my kids called them), incense and now it’s becoming a seed box. Inside, I found some treasures – wildflowers that family had passed me, some record cards, a box of morning star incense (love!) and a gorgeous ceramic dish. I’ve set it on display alongside the wooden base to my drum (which fell off so is now used as a coaster).

Wildflowers are so delicate and lovely. I enjoy adding them to the garden; encouraging the butterflies, birds and bees to linger. We’ve had fun watching red admirals, magpies, squirrels, crows and pigeons play. As reward for some hard graft over several weekends, in the garden, we ordered a Vegan Afternoon Tea from Kiss Me Cupcakes. The spread was generous and tasted amazing. I particularly loved the sweet pepper sandwiches, scones, fresh strawberries and lemon drizzle cake.

Gale force winds made some coppicing necessary. A collection of plants I’ve been passed or bought on clearance and nursed in pots, are waiting to be planted come Autumn. I cannot wait to expand the borders and increase the soil levels. I love putting back into the garden and the energy outdoors, through the upcoming season. While it is a time of things slowing down, the anticipation of Winter approaching and the freedom from the heat, to spend hours in nature’s cool embrace, is something I eagerly await. As we’ve all been working in gardens, there’s a plant swap planned amongst family.

As we shift into late Summer towards the harvest season, enjoy your weekend 🙂

2 thoughts on “Seeds & Scones

    1. Carolee, we are very fortunate! Some garden centres and independent cafes are doing so – maybe in a nearby town near you? Thanks for commenting – enjoy the sunshine today 🙂


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