Small Deeds

One of the ways I’ve been reaching out is making use of the wonderful postal system. Aside from writing regularly to a few people, I’ve been sending snippets of pretty with letters, from a pile of magazines I’ve recycled. An interesting article, colouring page, arty postcard and picture to stick on the fridge with colourful stickers are some of the things I’ve been including with letters. It’s a great way to connect with people until we can once again meet in person. Despite the current challenges we’re all facing, there are still moments of joy and humour that occur day to day and it’s fun to share them.

MNRV4907I made up a correspondence folder of these items and have been writing to friends I regularly pen letters and others in our extended family or anyone they know that is housebound due to the crisis. We are a keyworker/vulnerable group household, so aside from dropping essentials to local family or short walks (wearing a mask), I’ve felt a bit helpless. Writing is a personal and simple way to reach out.

Besides home educating and cleaning, I’ve been reading, gardening, watching a few movies and decluttering (its in the shed until it can be donated). I’m reading, meditating and exercising more. The current writing project is going great. I sent chocolate, colouring pages and microwave popcorn to families we know, that are key workers, and donated copies of Positive News magazine via their NHS campaign. As the crisis continues, keeping spirits up is an important part of our efforts.

Whatever you’re up to, enjoy these virtual flowers and have a good week 🙂



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