Positive Education

As part of supplementing learning in our family, I use certain media as content for current and global news, citizenship, geography and science. We read and talk about articles from Positive News. It’s proving to be effective and inspiring.

We look at where and how subjects connect and interact with the world. To pursue greater depth with the material, it helps to offer information that informs what is happening right now. Reading across various fields, discovering the progress and ways humans are interacting with climate crisis, needs in the community and collaborations (scientific and creative), provides inspiring study.

We read about various fields of expertise, see the breadth of diversity in the world’s landscape and its people. We talk about people doing great things in places and cultures the mainstream media often may not report on (and misrepresent when they do). It is a wonderful example of journalism at work and gives a clear perspective on local and grass-roots campaigns; not shying from larger movements in social and political arenas – though remaining focussed on solutions. The photography, statistics and art featured often prove as inspiration and examples of art and design.

As a member of Positive News, I’m delighted that the content I enjoy reading and often share at the dinner table, informs others as part of their learning. It is a worthwhile tool for positive education.



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