Launching SPIRALS!

SPIRALS – a collection of poetry, is out now! It is devoted to science, love, nature, the abstract, the sacred and sublime.

Spirals Cover 12-2019

Read them aloud, in a whisper, to a friend or lover, into the wind, under a tree. Let the words carry you deeper within or towards the sky. Wherever your heart roams. These memories, moments, ponderings and wanderings capture the human experience. Here are some word spirals from between its pages…

We become static in wonder

Night sky a fever in our souls

Gravity beneath us ebbs

An ocean above us glows


The furthest we travel

Is from mind to heart

A loop of learning


She is coming up my banshee

Starry-eyed and wise

She works towards peace

And for this she will rise


Available in PRINT and E-BOOK from Amazon and other outlets.

Enjoy the word spirals!


2 thoughts on “Launching SPIRALS!

  1. Hi Louise, well done on the launch of ‘Spirals’! Gorgeous cover and love the sound of subjects covered by your poems. Can’t wait to read them. Elaine x


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