All We Do

A new decade is embracing us! There are experiences ahead to celebrate, challenge and inspire us. The topics of impact and contribution have come up in various conversations recently, with my eldest. Their presence has grown into the social-sphere as buzzwords that can motivate or daunt people at different phases in their lives. These words often arise in the context of career and community. While this is where people seek to fulfill them, it is not the only places in our lives, where we greet them. As we traverse the ebb and flow of life, the demands that stem from life choices and external factors we have no control over, enable or restrict us to answer the call of impact and contribution.

I have talked with my eldest of how these things are the work of a lifetime. That it all counts. Efforts are accumulative and our existence itself makes an impact, is a contribution to this world. Every action, word, thought, belief and intention influences the sea of reality. We have the freedom – for better or worse – of choosing what these are. Every moment of all our days. No matter how we are enabled or limited; within ourselves and by other circumstances, temporary or permanent, internal or external.

Great examples of both are inspiring precisely because they are the work often, of many years. They are the choice of a thousand words, a million actions, incalculable thoughts. They may be influenced by borrowed beliefs, unconscious assumptions, hazy intentions. Or it all may have been honed, chanted, whispered at dawn, bullet-listed or sung, as many times and ways as we can summon the energy to do so.

All we do makes an impact. All we do contributes. Great or small. Reminding ourselves of this can ease the pressure and reduce the paralysis that urgency can impose. In these conversations that arise organically, I remind my eldest that they are creation in action, as we all are, and we are not creating alone.

Reality is a collective vision and each of us adds to it, in all we do. In whatever ways you are stepping into the future, I wish you an expansive and creative year 🙂


All photos copryright © Louise Ann Knight

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