Choose Collaboration

Namesake has held meaning for me, for a long time. I’ve been observing my reactions to it in meditations. It’s another way to expand awareness and acceptance.

Originally Ancient Hebrew, later European; the meaning of Louise appears in two forms: ‘renowned warrior / battle maiden’. As inspiration, it is a teacher of courage and resilience. I accepted anxiety by no longer trying to avoid it and joy expanded. Anxiety plays a far more minor role in my life now. Patience needs the same space.

In recent months, I’ve looked to my other name for inspiration – Ann – which means Grace. It’s helped me to lean into being patient. It is forgiving and allows space to breathe. It highlights that I’m making a choice to collaborate rather than struggle, which is important on the days that I fail (winning is fun but teaches nothing).

Grace feels an ideal tool for this phase of my life. When I hit a wall on current limits, it is there. The benefits of acceptance and understanding ourselves are clear. As we grow, we extend those same attributes more to those around us.

Namesakes are just one approach. Our given name can mean more, following exploration of it. Reflecting upon where its attributes appear in our life – where it challenges us – can lead to new insights, choosing an alternative abbreviation of it or another name entirely. If nothing else, it’s a starting point.

Your name is the first label you wear. Make it a true symbol of you 🙂


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