Time stretches to enable you, when intentions become actions, I’ve learned. Accommodating what we need or want in a schedule isn’t an obstacle of time, but willingness. Self-care goes through phases and I’ve come to know when it slips, as the right time to shift into a new routine.

Changes in life had motivated me to be more productive, though I was exhausted. Self-care kept going ignored. I’d adapted my day to include something new, and the activities that I know help me thrive, had become neglected. This often happens when something new is taken on. Self-care is not something I can afford to ignore.

I looked at my day and there was a gap after work and chores, before I needed to prepare dinner. I changed clothes, put on some music and danced. The next day I played drum while meditating. I know environment is part of it. That’s why fitness and musical items occupy a corner of the living room. I cleared away some items to create more space. It’s only been a few weeks and I’m feeling better. There are days I simply journal with ambient music. It flows better, with less friction and I’m enjoying different things about it. It’s a lifelong habit adapted; which is part of life.

The opportunity to meet in person and chat is another form of self-care. Studies prove that human contact, both in physical touch and with conversation, helps boost wellness. That’s why I run a local book club and meet regularly with family and friends. Talking to others we can share things we’ve seen, places we’ve been, what we’re reading or listening to. Anything new we’re trying out, what’s working (and what isn’t). Other’s experiences, challenges and progress can inspire and encourage us.



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