Trees & Bees

I love when many people get involved in doing small, local actions to create a global impact. It’s inspiring and exciting to be part of. I’ve ordered some trees (Beech, Elderberry and Silver Birch) from Woodland Trust, as part of their pledge for 1 million trees to be planted towards the global effort of reforestation.

In this little slice of Earth that we tend, we’ve been leaving parts of it be and seen more wildlife as a result. It’s part woodland, part wild land and trees are one of my favourite things; which is why most of my photos look like this…

IMG_4395If you’re keen to purchase a tree (or donate as little as £1 so that Woodland Trust plant one for you), there are plenty to choose from. 30 November is official planting day, so grab a spade and join in The Big Climate Fight Back!

We’re making more seedballs and trying them in the “mini meadow” (a 2 metre area of lawn). Previous years, tossing wildflower seed around fed the birds, though did little to assist the bees. We’re stepping it up this year. To become a backyard nature guardian, sign up to help Save the Bees!

Happy planting 🙂



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All photos copyright Louise Ann Knight

2 thoughts on “Trees & Bees

  1. How wonderful! We recently planted a plum tree, that was a gift, but I’m now excited to plant some other kinds of trees too. Happy planting and hope the seedballs work for you this year. If we can all do something small towards the care of the planet, it all helps.


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