Forager’s Fun

Blackberry picking in the low-slung warmth of early Autumn. A great way to end the week. Purple-stained fingers and dark fruit glistening in the sunshine, like jewels. Apple and blackberry crumble with custard for Sunday pud. Mmm! Fruit picking was part of my childhood; laughing and singing as we picked fruit from a lane (always leaving plenty for the birds). Back then we’d ask if it was on someone’s land. It’s a little late in the year, though I plucked enough for making a crumble; leaving plenty for wildlife and other people to ensure biodiversity. The fun is in the picking! Here’s some photos of the pretty spot we were gadding about, after study was done….


Fruit picking is one of those activities that heralds the arrival of Autumn. There are leaves turning yellow amongst the green and tomorrow, the Autumn Equinox or Mabon as it’s also known to some, begins. Mabon is the child of light, born from the earth mother Goddess Modron (of Welsh mythology). Others know it as harvest time. Gathering apples among the grass, sprinkling bird seed, bedding in plants from pot to soil. Long, long walks amongst trees in vivid colours. Autumn is coming!

Have a great weekend 🙂



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All photos copyright Louise Ann Knight

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